We Are Robots

A new digital festival exploring radio, live DJing, music production and pioneering technology plugs in at the Truman Brewery this November.

We Are Not Robots brings together a panel of industry experts to educate, entertain and inform with the BBC, Global Radio and Hoxton Radio all speaking.

The Penelopes, Mt Wolf, Warm Digits and MALKA perform live in the evening with networking and workshops across the day.

We Are Not Robots is running from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th November at the Truman Brewery.

Listen to The Preshaah on Friday 20th October where the team from We Are Robots will be in interview.

Pre-register for FREE access here: http://bit.ly/WARexhibitionhall


Thursday 2nd November – Hosted by Tony CDR

Sessions are:

1000 – 1045 Future at music radio  Ben Fairclough (radar radio), Issy Panayis (radio x)

1100 – 1145 Future of Music Tech and Production  Phelan Kane, Ozzie Rodgers, Dominic Scherrer, Nick Batt from sonic state, Dr Milton Mermikides (head of composition, university of Surrey)

1200 – 1245 Music and Interactive Entertainment Joe Henson, Alexis Smith, Michelle Baker ,   Henrik Oppermann (visualise)

1500 – 1600 Future of women in the music industry    Suzie B (help musicians) , Stefania Pavlou PRS, Dr Mariana Lopez (AES music),Chagall, Rachel Jepson, Hosted by Pointblank


Friday 3rd November – Student day Morning hosted by Chris Hawkins ( BBC 6 MUSIC) , Pm Hosted by Point Blank

1100 – 1145  Future of Music and Education –   Milton Mermikides, Chelsea Bruno, Helen Steer, Martyn Ware (principal of Tileyard education)

1100 – 1145 Future of Music Business/ music marketing &  PR   Kate Malcolmson (Bjork pr) , Matt Grimes (Award leader MA music industries, degree leader for BA Music industries and senior lecture in Music industries and radio at Birmingham school of media) ,Chris Tams BPI

1400 – 1445 Future of artist management   Jade Avia (Rinse FM) , Liam Tootil (supaAcedemy)

1630 – 1730 Future of Songwriting – Sean Mchgee,  Dele Lademiji, Siavash Mahdavi  , Steve A Williams, Kuljit Bhamra, Carolanne Busuttil