Swing Time with Sizzlin’ Jim

Tonight’s show is all about the famous New York neighbourhood of Harlem, back in the day (1920’s-to its demise in the ’50’s) when every square inch was a night club (Cotton Club, Radium Club, Savoy, Small’s Paradise, Monroe’s & Lenox Lounge to name a few) or late night eateries and rent parties. Pretty much all the big stars played at some point in Harlem, with the Cotton Club or the Savoy Ballroom being almost a right of passage.
They left us with an amazing legacy of music from stars such as;

Cab Calloway
Count Basie
Duke Ellington
Red Nichols
Freddie Johnson
Adelaide Hall
Harlem Hamfats
Jimmie Lunceford
Gladys Bentley……..the list goes on and it shows how important Harlem was as a centre of jazz and black culture in America at the time and to date.

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