Swing Time with Sizzlin’ Jim

Tonight’s show is a follow on from last weeks’ popular ‘Swing Tanzen Verboten’ featuring mainly European swing from Germany, Belgium, France and the Low Countries-and what a sound they had!

After last weeks’ show, a very knowledgeable German dj & music historian Stephane Wuthe contacted us to offer some interesting input to the ‘Swing Tanzen Verboten’-it seems it was not actually banned but classed as ‘undesirable’, such was its popularity it defied state control-Stephane also very kindly sent us a copy of his book ‘Swing Time in Deutschland’-any German translators out there?!

Some of the artists featured on tonight’s show are Helen Kane, Erhard Baushke, Teddy Stauffer, Willy Berking, Django Reinhardt and Carl Barriteau.