SOS Rehydrate February Fitness

Our stateside team of fitness experts SOS Rehydrate are encouraging us to get outside across February, and push on with New Year fitness plans.

If you’ve been running on the treadmill then up the pace and head outside for a run or even go for a long walk or hike as the weather starts to improve.

A moderate 60 minute walk can burn over 500 calories or a 20 minute power walk can burn 200 calories during your lunch break.

SOS Rehydrate also recommend Yoga which is great for stretching your muscles out and is a good workout, making your more flexible and less injury prone. Listen to James from SOS Rehydrate in interview on Hoxton Sport below.


As effective as an IV Drip to replace those lost electrolytes SOS will get you back to feeling your hydrated best.

Available in delicious coconut, mango, citrus or berry you can buy a month’s supply of SOS rehydrate for £16 on Amazon or in your local runners need or online at