Shoreditch Sports Show

Sexy football, beach bodies, top bombing and hacky sack are all the more glamorous sides of the game and the ones in which encompass the true embodiment of East London.

Shoreditch Sport will take a look the main football fixtures on a Saturday afternoon highlighting any interesting local derby’s and the days top matches.

We’ll look at what is occurring at grass roots level across Hackney and Tower Hamlets and incorporate any winners at local level.

Kick also run regular table football competitions, the Breakfast Club play indie bingo and the Hoxton Hotel have their own running club so we don’t need to go far to find sweaty stories.

Essentially we’ll be looking at what is happening in the sporting scene, playing some indie and chart music and keeping the East informed and updated in a fun and educational way.

We’re looking for sports journalists, pundits and commentators in the scene. There’s scope to cover sport live, interview guests and practice kick ups in the carpark.

Presenters / writers / journalists email your details to [email protected]

Shoreditch Sports Show Saturday’s 2pm – 5pm