Sasha Brown w Liberation Day

Combine an amazing sound system , cocktails made with love and DJs who know their **** and what d’ya get? London’s Hottest Listening bars, that’s what.

Check out Dalston’s Brilliant Corners which pumps music from its Klipschorn speakers and has most recently seen LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy playing there.

If you’re looking for some plush surroundings to see the new Dunkirk movie then our tip top recommendation has to be the Everyman Cinema. Put your feet up, order food and drink to your sofa chair, sit back and relax.

Life is great.

Today Sasha was joined by Morten Traavik, Director of the new controversial documentary, ‘Liberation Day’, which presents North Korea’s first rock concert.

Now available to buy on iTunes.

Insta: SashaJadeBrown