Sasha Brown – BOOM BOOM

This week we’re feeling BOOM BOOM as Sasha releases her new single ‘Boom Boom (She Got That)’.

It was premiered by Clash magazine and Sasha was interviewed on London Live last week.
Mum-that’s live telly!

Listen here:

If you’re feeling the need to relax and chillllllll out then our weird and wonderful feel good tip for you is The Sound Bath at The Refinery where you can ‘bathe’ in sound waves.

We’re bringing the Human Dukebox to Hoxton Radio every Monday and we want you to get involved. Hit Sasha up (Insta:SashaJadeBrown) during the week or put her on the spot on a Monday and let’s get your fave tunes on for 15 mins.

Till next week!

Insta: SashaJadeBrown