Paul Hanford

Paul Hanford takes you on his weekly journey deep into the most exciting, freshest new music to arrive on planet alt-pop Thursday’s 4pm – 6pm.

With an unnerving ability to pick guests just before they break as well as a keen ear for the best new releases, Hanford’sHalfHour (in fact, two hours) is punky, funky, bleepy, fuzzy, grungey, melodic and your one stop new music portal.

Paul is Music Expert on London Live TV, a live host at The Groucho Club, a writer and DJs everywhere from Top Shop’s flagship Oxford Circus store to the Dalston institution Shacklewell Arms. Each week Hanford’s Half Hour Features regular artist and label guest mixes as well as Paul’s own idiosyncratic delivery.

Paul started out as one third of electro group Brothers In Sound, once sang “Feed The World” on stage with 12 dwarves, he’s run naked across the rooftops of Clapton for an art project, went on to curate music for Secret Cinema and played a private party for Robert DeNiro.