FAIK – The Internet Explorer

From the mariana trench of the internet, draped in outmoded 90s livery, reeking of 56k modems; it’s ya boy, Faik. With a virtual record box containing over 7 hours of novelty Drake remixes – Faik’s Internet Explorer show is a continuous hour-long mix of the freshest, spiciest, most memetic internet music from the past week.

Described by Dazed and Confused as: “the most psychedelic and awkwardly sexual game of The Sims you’ve ever seen.”

Complex UK chimes in with, “FAIK is the kind of creative weirdo to make PC Music look like Leonard Cohen.”

The Fader muses, “a new project with a deliberately ambiguous name.”

For fans of: Hyper Pop, Trap, Techno, Juke, 90s Dance, NIghtcore and anything that uses Spongebob Squarepants samples.