Orange Soda 01.08.18

Orange Soda were back in the office this week bringing all the showbiz and music gossip from this week.

Nicki Minaj might have to delay her new album Queen because she didn’t realise that she sampled the iconic Tracy Chapman.

She asked fans if she should lose the record off the LP and keep her release date OR keep the record if she can and delay the date when Queen drops.

She’s letting her Barbz decide. Is that wise Nicki?

Basketball star LeBron James has opened the doors to his new school – which not only helps disadvantaged children but also gives a leg up to their parents too.

Amber Rose has run her gums again, speculating as to who she thinks Becky with the Good Hair is.

While Coco relives her glorious days at Tomorrowland in Belgium after an epic weekend away and JJ talks about his black tie extravaganza at Red Cross ball in Monte Carlo.