NONDEF: Unofficial Soundtrack to Glory

Glory is one of those comic characters who’ve been completely reinvented by new writers over the years. From over the top sexualised siren to – in the run I’m soundtracking – a ticking time bomb of an anti hero. Writer Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell on the art for the final 12 books in the series (numbers 23-34) created a new perspective, rooted in family rifts, the loss a near-immortal experiences and arm-exploding alien warlord action. None of that really justifies this quite sweet, non-typical comic scenario that writes and draws female characters in a refreshing light and somehow feels different to other things out there. OK, the reviews haven’t all been positive and it has it’s weaknesses, but it’s fun in a way you want your comics to be.

My unofficial soundtrack tramples over all spoiler etiquette, tries to match some of the elements with a suitable song and generally bumbles it’s way through dancehall, ska, post punk and an island of awkward disco. If you like or hate any elements then let us know at, and if you’d like to suggest or even put together a comic soundtrack then let’s talk.