NONDEF: Best of 2017 Hip Hop Lists

We trawled through the ‘best hip hop songs of 2017’ lists, scratched our heads, pondered on it, cut some of the wheat from the chaff and pulled together a mix of some of the tunes that we enjoyed most. Some of the big hitters were confusing, some of the lower ranking numbers sent us on a path of discover and we have a new crop of hopefuls for 2018.
45 minutes of 2017’s best, overrated and under appreciated tunes. Lil Uzi Vert, Cardi B, Kendrick, Tyler, Desiigner, Wale, Wiki, Danger Incorporated, Maxo Kream… you get the picture. And I went all 90s with basketball sneakers and baggy jeans to celebrate, despite there being virtually no boom bap. Whatevs. That’s how I’m rocking 2018.