More Popular Than Jesus Exhibition Special with Matt Williams

Achieving single name status in popular music like an Elvis, a Bowie or an Amy means you have become one of the great rock’n’roll brands…you will live forever as an international cultural icon…a mythological being…a legend…even a god.

‘More Popular Than Jesus’ is a group show by some of the UK’s leading artists, all of which have produced bespoke pieces that explore the loss of privacy…the talent…the pain…the price…in attaining this status. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Art Society Soho and Tileyard Education

Matt Williams was joined live in the studio by curator of the exhibition Mr Von Hugo and one of the other artists, Henry Hate. In addition to his celebrated work as an artist, Henry also owns Shoreditch’s longest running tattoo & piercing studio, Prick Tattoo. He’s presenting work on Amy Winehouse, who was a friend and client of Henry’s, he was the man responsible for her famous pin-up ink. Henry shared some poignant stories about his time with Amy during our chat.

The artists will including Dangerous Minds, Sir Henry Hate, Illuminati, Michael Forbes, Michelle Mildenhall and Mr Von Hugo.

Featuring Bowie, Iggy, Elvis, Hendrix, Blondie, Ozzy, Grace, Amy, Siouxsie

PRIVATE VIEW – Wednesday 21 November 6.00 to 9.00 PM

SHOW RUNS: 19th November to 1st December 2018