Lottoland Hoxton Radio

What would you do if you won the lottery it’s the £1,000,000 question you always mull over at the pub with your pals so we asked Hoxton Radio’s presenters what they’d do with the funds:

Re-locate the Hoxton Radio studio to the Caribbean and broadcast there until the rest of time!

I’d pay for my nan to have the best 24 hour home care in the world. I’d buy my parents their dream home, and I’d buy myself a private jet and tiny apartments in different cities all over the world: Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Melbourne, Cape Town… So not much, really 😛 xx

Buy a boat….have an orgy on it

I would set up a production company for young disadvantaged children to learn the ropes of media, radio and production. I’d build huge environmentally friendly accommodation to try house as many homeless people as possible. I’d also spend a year going to as many music festivals around the world as is physically possible. Ideally id break a world record doing this for the most amount of festivals attended in a year.

If I won the lottery, I would buy my husband a goose, buy an all expenes trip for my friends to Paris and donate the rest to The Sheba Medical Centre

Make a chocolate swimming pool and create a chocolate factory and be the female version of willie wonka

Up for grabs is the chance to win £100 credit at Lottoland to spend on lotto betting. Lotto betting is essentially getting the chance to play lotteries all around the world including Euromillions, Irish Lottery and Powerball which had a £1 billion jackpot earlier this year.

Obviously, the rules mean that you can’t just enter them normally, so instead you bet on the outcome of the lottery. If that sounds a bit odd, it isn’t really – you basically get a line of numbers in the same way, and the prizes are the same, it’s just a different way of placing the bet. It means you have lots more chances to win big jackpots that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.