Le Petit Chef at TT Liquor

The supper club benchmark has well and truly been set with Dinner Time Story’s latest production, which sees the immersive dining experience taken one step further… by serving food on an entirely animated projector-mapped table. Watch as your place settings morph from oceans to desert and mountains literally between your knife and fork as you journey from Marseilles to China with Le Petit Chef himself.

Marco Polo’s journey – from Europe through Morocco and into Himalayas is brought to life through a six course tasting menu encompassing each cuisine of the journey. Guests are guided by the tiny chef as he navigates his way across the silk road, trying not to get trodden on and meeting a few friends along the way.

Each course is paired with a delectable cocktail or wine, and dishes are presented with total originality and theatrics which – combined with the animation, music and lighting – create a truly outstanding immersive dining experience.

Tickets are £95, available at www.dinnertimestory.com.