Laura Marling O2 Brits Week Review

This year’sWar Child together with O2 for BRITs Week 2018 line-up included the likes of Alt-J, Jessie Ware and Wolf Alice. The aim of the concerts is to raise awareness of the work that War Child does, namely protect and educate children in war torn countries such as Jordan, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo, amongst others. On the 17th February, Best British Female Solo artist winner, and multiple Brits nominee, Laura Marling held an intimate performance in St Giles in the Fields, a quaint church near Tottenham Court Road.

The venue, arguably niche for a concert, ultimately only enhanced the otherworldly, somewhat hypnotic, element of Marling’s music. Stood in the centre, poised with her guitar, she delivered songs that span her entire career, including some from over 10 years ago. Soon, it was made abundantly clear why she has had a career lasting so long – skilfully plucking the guitar whilst delivering such haunting vocals, overall, gave for a mesmerising performance.

Typically known as a folk musician, there is, inevitably, a mythological element to her music. Indeed, each of Marling’s songs tell a story. Yet, it’s quite difficult deciphering who it is she is referring to. The songs, which explore friendships, relationships and a general reminiscent pondering of what could have been, switch seamlessly between “she” and “I”. However, to say that there isn’t a personal quality to her music would be hard to believe.

But perhaps she prefers the ambiguity. Marling’s career has been characterised by her aversion of interviews, she herself synonymous with introversion. Indeed, when the set was complete, having entertained the crowd for an hour, she simply said thank you, spoke of the work War Child does, and left the stage as swiftly as she had come.


Wild Fire
The Valley
Next Time
Tap At My Window
Take the Night Off
I Was An Eagle
You Know
My Friends
Rambling Man
How Can I
What He Wrote
Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)

Words: Zoë Huxford
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