Hoxton Sport

On Hoxton Sport with Supermalt this week The Preshaah & Jay have a full dissection of the weekends footballing action, which drew perhaps the most exciting results of the season so far.

Our USA Sports correspondent James from SOS Rehydrate joined us to discuss Las Vegas getting their own Ice Hockey team, current AFL and NFL standings which sparked Jay & The Preshaah to pick their own basketball teams for the current season.

Four Four Two bring us the weirdest football contracts Here

Catch the London Lions v Newcastle Eagles this weekend at the Copperbox http://www.londonlionsbasketball.co.uk/fixtures-results

We also bought back the guess the football attendance feature which Jay scored 6/8

Basel 38,512 v Arsenal 60,000
Benfica 65,647 v Napoli 60,240
Dynamo Kyiv 70,050 v Besiktas 41,903
Bayern Munich 70,000 v Athletico Madrid 54,907

bayer leverkusen 30,210 v Monaco 18,480 48% (37,831 population)
Spurs 36,284 v CSKA Moscow 30,000
FC Porto 50,535 v Leicester City 32,312
Lyon 59,186 v Sevilla 42,500