Hoxton Radio x Cafe Direct + King Apparel + Mindful Drinking Festival

Getting us through that mid-week slump were Cafe Direct for live coffee tasting with @thepreshaah and @barneybanksofficial. We were then joined by Timmy from King Apparel promoting his contemporary menswear brand and finally got the low down on next weeks Mindful Drinking Festival taking place here in Spitalfield’s Market!

Nothing beats a good coffee but it is even more satisfying knowing that the farmers who produce it are treated fairly. Dedicated to improving farmers livelihood while providing consumers with the highest quality coffee shapes Cafe Directs mission. Cafe Direct have got your hot beverages desires covered with their extension range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and machinery!

Timmy from King Apparel chatted to us about the incredible story his contemporary menswear brand has endured. With the help of The Prince’s Trust charity, King Apparel was able to launch in 2003 to provide East Londoners with streetwear that lived up to the standard offered in the States.

Head down to Spitalfield’s Market from 24 – 25 November to find out how you can be a more mindful drinker this festive season to avoid some of those embarrassing moments and awful hangovers. The Mindful Drinking Festival will demonstrate how your social life won’t be sacrificed by choosing healthier alcohol-free alternatives.

For more details check out https://mindfuldrinkingfestival.com/