Hoxton Property Show: rent a van

On the show this week the team asked:

Could you live with just 32 items? www.thespruce.com/items-you-can-immediately-throw-away

Peckham property (worth £1.65 million) seller is accepting bitcoin for payment http://ow.ly/m9lT30fPHoI

The 3rd Boxpark – Boxpark Wembley – will launch in 2018 http://ow.ly/oiPu30fPHnJ

The street names that put off buyers http://ow.ly/864P30fPHlK

Plus Landlord is looking for a tenant willing to pay £220 rent per month – to live in his parked Van, parked on High Street, Easton, Bristol http://ow.ly/MsKp30fPHDS