Hoxton Fashion x Port Royal

Sarah and Barney are back on the show this week alongside The Preshaah who welcomed special guest Port Royal Patties, makers of the world’s BEST Jamaican Patties.

This week the team talked about the very much anticipated London Fashion Awards and compiled a list of the best and worst dressed. Make your own mind up by checking out some of the looks here:

The importance of sleep is discussed on air as our presenters share their general sleep schedule as it’s revealed Londoners sleep just 6 hours and 49 minutes on average a night, below the recommended average

Winner of the Star Wars midnight premiere was also announced, congratulations to Owen Frost for winning!

Finally, don’t miss this weeks show to listen to Port Royal Patties on air to find out more about where to get your hands on one of the worlds most loved street food, the Jamaican Patty.