Hoxton Fashion x Pitch It, Love Little Moons + Social Pantry

On the Hoxton Fashion Show with Supermalt this week we welcomed new dating app Pitch It, Little Moons who make Mochi ice cream deserts plus purveyors of fine food and drink Social Pantry.

Pitch it has just gone live on the App Store where you propose dates to single and browse for cool dates.

Little Moons Mochi is produced from pounded sweetened rice flour and filled with ice cream and comes in 6 flavours including green tea, toasted sesame, vanilla, coconut, mango and raspberry.

Social Pantry is a café in Battersea serving seasonal delicious food served with fantastic coffee, they cater for fashion events and recently tamed up with Dior and Alexander McQueen.

10:30 Pitch It App
11:10 Little Moons
11:30 Social Pantry


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