Hoxton Fashion Show w Supermalt – Humble Works and Panzo Pizza

This week on Hoxton Fashion with Supermalt: brolly weather, the scary stats about sitting down all day and why Panzo Pizza are doing things differently with their dough.

The Preshaah and Olivia get political discussing the gender gap ahead of Thursday’s Equal Pay Day.

And well-being champion Shay Naido from Shoreditch furniture brand Humble Works, explains why we shouldn’t be sat down all day. His portable standing desks and laptop stands are changing the way East Londoner’s work.

From posture to pizza and new kids on the block at Exmouth Market, Panzo Pizza, revealed why their recipe won’t leave you feeling carb-loaded.

The 48-hour dough-making process uses a flour mixture of rice, soy, wheat and a bit of sourdough. Good news for those who want reduced gluten and low calorie options. And apparently the restaurant was already creating a buzz before it opened…