Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008 – 2018

A colourful exploration of some dark times is currently on display at the Design Museum, with Hope To Nope: Graphics And Politics 2008 – 2018 looking back on the last decade in diplomacy.

The exhibition brings together slogans, protest boards, social media stats, video and artefacts, carefully curated to explore global oppression and how this leads to creative expression.

You’re almost tricked by how bright and positive it looks on face value, only to gaze slightly closer to see the real messages behind the slogans.

With the show focusing on such a recent period of history, you feel very much part of the ‘art’ and will recognise much of it, have been effected by it and have at least one of the T-shirts to show for it.

Watch our candidate for office David Preshaah in interview with the exhibitions curator Lucian Roberts to discuss the ins and outs of the show and how it came together.

Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008 – 2018 Open now till – 12.08.18