Henrietta on Hoxton x War horse

This week I was joined by a mammoth line up of extraordinarily talented female artists from all arenas of the creative industry. We spoke to one of the performers on ‘War horse’ from the National Theatre – Nicky Cross. We learned about her inner world as a puppeteer – not only how she learned to literally breathe at the same time as her fellow actors within the horse but also her new 4000 calorie a day diet to cope with the strenuous nightly work-outs!

Eugenia Melian discussed her new novel ‘Wildchilds’ which encompasses some of her own 30 years of experiences within the seductive world of fashion and the dark side that lurks beneath its beautiful exterior. This accomplished woman waltzed in wearing vintage Chanel, a stark contrast to her first day at Yves Saint Laurent where she first started out as a fashion intern and was asked to change outfits! Eugenia did then manage to spend 6 months sitting next to the man himself, even if it was on a desk filled with ash…

We also had a conversation with the fascinating journalist Kendal; educated in Dubai, identifies mainly as South African and new in London this year. It will be exciting to hear what’s ahead in her career having just landed a new agent last week! Her blog is www.kendalolivia.com

Until next time creative enthusiasts.

Henrietta on Hoxton x