Grace Forell: Soulfood

This week things took a strange turn when Grace discovered that 14% of the nation thinks that the everyday herb coriander actually tastes like soap. This led to further discussions on food that actually tastes like something else – artisan bread that tastes like the McChicken Sandwich, chocolate that tastes like sick, crackers that taste like boxes.. confused? So were we.

Aside from sensory mixups, Grace also gave us (useful) information on all the latest pop ups currently taking the East London foodie scene by storm.

Mark Hix’s Kitchen Library and Sky Halla topped the pop-up list, with the annual London Coffee Festival making waves on the events calendar.

We also got the low down on the brand new Shorecitch Pizza Pilgrims branch, including their chocolate calzone! Say whaaat?

Tune of the week came from Oliver Cheatham, with other bangers from Billy Griffin, Icehouse and Stacey Q.