The Dark Hour w Kraken episode I

The very first Dark Hour was a fun filled evening with the most excellent McBess in the studio talking about his various bands (McBaise, Heavy Menthols and The Dead Pirates) in a languidly cool French accent.

The studio was transformed into a fairy light, candle lit Peaky Blinders den of dingy deliciousness. There was a sultry cocktail recipe which was shared on air live to all the Monday night listeners which helped warm things up on a very cold London night, Kraken its cold outside was mixed and made and here it is in case you want to make it at home:

1x glass mug or tumbler
1x shot of Kraken
1x cup of hot mulled cider (any good quality cider will do)
1x mulled wine sachet

1x Cinnamon stick
A few thin slices of apple

How to:
Heat up your favourite cider and mull (do not boil)
Add to your mug/tumbler (do not fill)
Add one shot of Kraken
Garnish with Cinnamon stick and apple slices

I’ll be playing with Beardy Record Box at the George Tavern this Saturday with Sons live on stage at 10.45pm, come dance and feel sexy till 3am, then its all over!

Gearing up for the next show where we’ll be chatting to poet and muso Jan Noble and Jamie Jones, top mixologist from the Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green will be coming in to concoct some dark deeds in the studio for us.

Check out the multi talented Matt McBess and his brilliant bands: