Dance Umbrella review

The 39th annual international London dance festival ‘Dance Umbrella’ was kicked off last night by the mesmerizing contemporary dance performance ‘Origami’.

Artistic Director and CEO of ‘Dance Umbrella’, Emma Gladstone, explained during her opening speech that the 18-day long festival will bring pioneers and innovators in the field of dance to London’s scenes in order to invite the public to think differently.

‘Origami’, the first act of ‘Dance Umbrella’ 2017, was a very engaging performance by Paris-based duo Satchie Noro and Silvain Ohl. The act consisted of two performers; a folding-out container and the acrobatic dancer Satchie Noro, with perfectly synchronised movements and music.

During the piece’s first part the audience’s anticipation is tingled with eerie, folklore resembling music and the slow mechanic opening of the red container. While Satchie Noro becomes visible from inside the container bit by bit, the metallic sound of the container’s movement perfectly collides with the music.

The dancer slowly begins to explore the new spaces created by the metal unfolding. Her precise movements, when dangling off the metal box’s sharp corners or walking on the ropes which connect the moving parts of the vessel, create an unique experience for the audience. Satchie Noro’s performance is even more fascinating due to the spectacle taking place in front of the Battersea Power Station towers and under the night’s cloudy sky.

As Fred Costa’s music starts to gradually increase in intensity and loudness Satchie Noro’s dance becomes more unpredictable. The audience gasped on several occasions during the final and most dynamic segment as the dancer’s acrobatics become more stunning.

This is truly an awe-inspiring event that will consume anyone’s attention for 40 minutes.
The free performance of ‘Origami’ will be on show until Sunday, 15th October, at various open air locations.