Changing Faces 036

Another mix up for CFRS is upon us once again. James Chang was steering us through this 36th edition of Changing Faces with some techno in the first hour that has a slice of tropical and a sprinkle of Latin sound to it. Following on from that there is another influential track of the week, and this is another old school anthem…that’s all were going to say!

We haven’t dished out any news to you in a while…until now! That is heard right before we go into the final uninterrupted mix that is disco house…but we’ll tell you here too: From episode 42 onward we will be introducing a new feature to the show every 2 episodes (In between the guest mix episodes).

It’s called the ‘Spotlight Special’, and it’s where we showcase a track sent in by YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re signed or not, you just need to make sure to send only SoundCloud private links with the download button enabled and to send a little information about yourself, to [email protected]

Catch us chatting and all that jazz here: