Beyond Asana episode 1 ft Genny Wilkonson-Priest

This week in the first of a new monthly show, The Yoga Connection, London Kundalini yoga teacher and life coach Ashley Jones sat down to chat with Triyoga’s yogi and Yoga manager Genny Wilkinson-Preist to talk about the connection to self through yoga practice and Triyoga’s initiative to challenge the yoga stereotypes too often portrayed in the media and particularly social media.

Depicting a distorted view of the body is a steroetype that excludes many who do practice yoga and one that is often off putting to many wishing to access the gifts yoga affords for the first time.

#weareyoga a manifesto for change, aims to challenge the notion that to do yoga you need to look a certain way and instead affirms that yoga is for every body.

Beyond Asana – The Yoga Connection
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