Baines Plus One w/ Bec Hill

This week Bec Hill joined Samantha Baines in the studio for #BainesPlusOne.

Sam kicked things off with some quick-fire questions for Bec as well as some great twitter questions from Hoxton Radio’s listeners. FYI, her favourite marker pen is Black and she got her *saweeeet* trainers for free. Jealous.

Today’s headlines covered Jeremy Hunt, that’s HHHHHunt, being rude to the Queen, trying to find love in IKEA and the fabulous Ada Lovelace. Things wrapped up with Sam’s Poem of the Week and Bec’s toothpaste inspired nursery rhyme.

If you want two hours of giggles and to support getting Prince George on our currency (#BabyMoney), press that play button!


Baines Plus One with Bec Hill by Hoxton Radio on Mixcloud