London has officially gained its first ever prison-themed pop up, and – conveniently for us – it’s in Brick Lane. Don’t bother to dress fancy because as soon as you enter it’s unassuming doors you will be given a rather flattering Alcotraz jumpsuit to don as you’re threatened by angry American prison guards about the do’s and dont’s of Alcotraz.

One thing is clear – smuggle some alcohol in, but don’t let them see it, or you may be sent down to solitary confinement. Once inside, inmates are seated in cells or in the ‘visitation area’ and are served bespoke cocktails by a team of creative mixologists, who will work with whatever you have smuggled in (they even work with jagermeister – we checked).

The warden and guards stay in character throughout, and don’t take nonsense from anyone, which creates a naughty school-like attitude amongst the revellers.

Once you’ve been rehabilitated you will be released, but don’t forget to pose for a mugshot in your jumpsuit on the way out.

Tickets cost £30 for a 1 hr 45 minute prison sentence and 4 cocktails. Open Thursday – Sunday 5 – 11pm.


212 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA

Written by @grace_forell, presenter of Soulfood, Mondays 2 – 4pm. Photography by Matt Martin.