5 fitness tips for getting in shape for the summer

5 fitness and diet tips for getting in shape for the summer by Temi Nuga.

No workout is good enough to transform your body without a good healthy eating plan (I hate the word diet) behind it, remember you are what you eat.

A successful workout program requires tracking and progression, By keeping tabs of your fitness, you’ll be more inclined to improve it. Create a baseline fitness test, for example doing a 5k park run on a Saturday morning or how long you can hold a plank for, how many press ups can you do in 30 seconds. Doing a baseline fitness test every 4 weeks will show/ prove your developments.

Remember to lose weight if you consume 100 cal you need to burn 150 cal.

Follow these five steps to get fit before summer.

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1) Set a goal

Don’t hang all your expectations, motivations or will power (it will let you down). With weight loss, plateaus and frustration are so common If you set yourself a goal make it a realistic goal, if you are a size 14 getting to a size 10/12.
Keeping a dairy as a record of everything you’re doing to achieve your goals (e.g. workouts, healthy eating, and goals). If you need assistance looking into getting a personal trainer, always ask about the qualifications if they are REPS registered and if they have any insurance.

2) Don’t just focus on cardio, strength training is just as important

Build more muscle and you’ll keep your body burning fat all day long. Clients never believe me when I say this but it’s true. Lifting weights can increase your lean body mass, which increases the number of overall calories your body burns during the day (If you don’t be live me look it up).

3) Drink 2L of water per day

You’ve probably heard the whole “drink water it makes you feel full ”. But so many studies have proved that water’s ability to help you pinpoint your hunger level is even more helpful than its filling abilities.

Truth be told many of the feelings associated with being hungry, such as an empty, gurgling stomach, low energy levels, and even light-headedness, also strike when you’re running low on water.

Also water is good for your skin and clearing out any toxins within your body.

4) Eat like a bodybuilder

Skipping meals is as bad as skipping workouts. Your body needs the nutrients in your meals to keep developing, remember food to you is what petroleum is to a car. If life makes it hard to schedule meals, consider keeping a small cooler with you with a meal or two in it at all times.

Protein is crucial, it’s also important to eat balanced meals. In particular, vegetables and complex carbohydrates need to be a staple in your healthy eating habits . Remember processed food is not your friend.

5) Exercise minimum of 3 times per week

Having been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years and I am convinced that the addition of functional movements into your current exercise routine will be one of the most important changes a person can make for better overall fitness and good health. At BaseFit in Shoreditch we specialities in Traditional “weightlifting” and Functional training. Functional training refers to the type of exercises that contribute to better, more efficient and safer performance of real world activities or sports movements.

Many people use the excuse I just don’t have the time, if you want something you make the time for it …… if you value something you respect it. You only have one body in this life so treat it with care, get off that one bus stop or train stop early. Doing fun activities such as dancing going for a bike ride with the family are different ways to make sure you always burning calories.

Temi Nuga is a PT at Basefit Shoreditch
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